Know When Too Dom, And When Not Too

So, overall as Kitten and I venture down this new, and not so new, road of our Dom/Sub relationship it has gone better than imagined. It honestly, has been amazing. We are more happy and open about things, we are surely enjoying our roles together. But, given our history, there is some parts that can […]

“Can I Come Into The Out Now?”

When Angel sent me this today, I didn’t even think Angel meant this in regards how we interact when she sent that meme. I honestly thought it was a Covid-19 Meme about things not being open. Once Angel has her mind set on something, she usually doesn’t relent on it until she feels it is […]

Matyrdom = Self Desctruction

So, by Definition being a martyr is to die rather then denounce your religion. So, the title of the article may seem redundent. But, I am speaking about the way we commonly use the phrase “being a martyr”. One who sacrifices them self, rather than dealing with something that is more beneficial to themself, or […]