Not my Quote

“Every problem exists within a frame of mind which determines its available analysis and solutions. If that frame is narrowed, no matter how noble or ideological the intent, it is likely that the answers produced will be at variance with reality.”Unknown

Worth Having

True words I was watching Scrubs today. I always enjoyed it, it made me laugh alot. This quote got me a little in a good way. Especially if you watch the exchange after Here. Nothing worth having is easy. I think most can agree. We often look for the simple answer, especially when we are […]

“Can I Come Into The Out Now?”

When Angel sent me this today, I didn’t even think Angel meant this in regards how we interact when she sent that meme. I honestly thought it was a Covid-19 Meme about things not being open. Once Angel has her mind set on something, she usually doesn’t relent on it until she feels it is […]