Who Do You Miss More?

I used to ask myself this, when Kitten and I first broke up. Then I realized they are one and the same. My “Baby” is Kitten, and Kitten is my “Baby”. I miss them both, but I can’t have Kitten without having my Baby, the woman she is, the woman I adore.

We have talked so much this week, then yesterday about dinner time it tailed off. I didn’t ask why, I honestly don’t know. I could guess a million reasons, but until she tells me none are true. I have noticed it though, from talking all the time, to a few texts here and there. I realize just how much I miss her, just how much talking to her brightens my day. I know she will talk when she wants, and I will be ready. I have been here before with her. I understand how she works, and I am ok with it.

I miss her, all the time still. My “baby” was who my heart belonged to. Sir and Kitten, they had their thing too. I ask if I could do it again with her if she didn’t submit again. If we were just a couple, the answer is yes. She is that amazing of a woman, that I would give up Kitten forever for my “Baby”. If you ever knew her, you would understand why. Now, would our sex change, probably not, but that is a different article.


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