Missing Kitten

Now, I do talk to her everyday. I do get that luxury, But I do miss MY Kitten. I miss my submissive Kitten. I miss holding her throat and making her orgasm intensely. I miss seeing my marks on her, I miss seeing my collar on her.

The more and more I feel better, the more and more I miss it, and even crave it. I miss her submission, and I miss being her Sir, her dominant, her protecter.

Yes, I am thankful for her love and support. I am thankful for her as a person, and what I have now with her. This is not in anyway a slight to that, I know I am lucky.

But, I miss her trust. Because the trust allowed everything else that was amazing about us in our Dom/Sub Roles. I miss that she could put everything she needed too on me, and I would make her mind relax and be at ease and forget the struggles and worries of the day and focus on the bliss, us, and then when she was there, make her orgasm hard over and over to release it all and let her feel the amazing love we have. I love and adore her, and her body so much. I also miss those emerald eyes, god do I miss those. To stare into her eyes, when she was deep into a session, it made me feel more amazing than I can ever say. Her eyes always fixed so much for me.

That was was made my orgasms stronger too. The bond, the trust, the dedication and love on such an animilistic and loving level. It was what made my heart feel full, knowing she did and could trust me with everything and I could make her escape it all to pure bliss.

I miss the physical, absolutely. I miss making love to her too, and teasing her and kissing her beautiful body. I miss touching her and holding her. I miss the love, on that level. But the trust, admiration and devotion was love intensified. I miss MY Kitten, I miss all that came with her. I know I refer to her as Kitten on here all the time, but when I say MY Kitten, I mean my Submissive, my little one, who I wish I could have curled up in my lap right now, and letting me watch over her once again.

I miss you, Kitten


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