To Punish or Not to Punish?

“She is the fuel to my fire, she is the swagger in my step. She makes me who I am through her love and submission”


There comes a time in every Dom/Sub relationship where punishment has to be given. Some Dominants are able to hand the punishment out without a thought, while others like me, have learned to view the entire situation first. You see, I know my Kitten very well. I know that even if my Kitten feels the punishment was too harsh or even underserved entirely, she will still follow through with her punishment. Later, we have talked and she has said “I don’t have to like it, but I have to do it, that is part of being a submissive”.

Those words rang in my head, because I knew I had made previous mistakes with punishments in the past. I had been too hard at the wrong time, or enforcing a rule that wasn’t timely or even applicable. I have always tried to learn from my mistakes as Sir. I know that absolute power can corrupt absolutely.

I never want Kitten to view me as anything but her fierce protective dominant. I do NOT want to be viewed tyrant or a monster, but her Sir who keeps her in line when it is needed but also loves and supports her when it is deserved, which my Kitten is regularly deserving.

Pain punishment is used in our relationship. as is other types of punishment from limitations to activities to extra homework. As sir, I am aware that Kitten has other responsibilities to the day, and I need to be creative when I need to punish her. I also can not fall short and “go easy” on a punishment, because Kitten hates that. It makes her feel as if I am doubting her ability to serve me, no matter what the reason for the punishment is.

Now, with all that being said, punishments are few and far between. That is due to Kittens obedience and communication. Kitten knows that if I issue homework, and she may not have time in her day to complete it, she can discuss it with me and I can move the homework to another day, and give a shorter or less involved assignment. Yes, I am her dominant, but I will not set her up to fail.

This recently came into play in our life. This past Friday Kitten was at work, and she has a very tiring and involved job. I had assigned her a 200 word essay on what she loves about being my submissive.

The writing assignment was chosen for Kitten as she does not enjoy writing Essays. She is more than smart enough and capable, but she is still somewhat embarrassed about spelling out her feelings in an essay form. I am trying to improve that within Kitten, so this was a first real written assignment for that purpose.

So Friday comes and later in her workday, Kitten knew she would not have the time to complete her homework in a way that SHE felt suitable. She does not take her homework lightly, nor does she cut corners. It would bother her to give me subpar work, and I know that. This is where trusting your Submissive is important. I knew she wasn’t ducking the assignment, she was asking for a chance to make sure it was to the level that SHE wanted to turn in for me.

So, I absolutely agreed. I issued a lighter homework task for the day. I then moved the essay to Saturday, so she would have more time to complete it to her liking, or so we thought.

Now, I will not say what happened on Saturday that kept her occupied all day. But, I will say that as her Sir, I was accepting of the reason, and would never ask her to do it differently. But the day got away from her, and as I watched the clock , I knew I would not be getting her homework turned in. Now, another thing you may not know, is Kitten is currently 3 hours ahead of me time zone wise, so she is often asleep before me and it gives me time to ponder.

I decided that I was not going to levy a hard punishment. This is NOT an easy decision, because she is to be held accountable. She is to be punished for her mistakes. She needs to follow through on the assignment as my Submissive.

I know all of this is true, because Kitten has told me so. I also knew that not punishing her was going to be hard on her, and she would be more upset for a light or no punishment. Did I mention she is amazing?

After she went to sleep, I knew I had to make sure that my good morning conversation with her had to include the forgotten homework and done quickly, but I also knew I needed explain all of the reasons that I deemed it was forgivable. I did all of this thinking, because I knew what Kitten was going to say.

The next morning, we said our good mornings and I informed her quickly that she forgot. I explained that I understood, and as her Sir, I was willing to give her a pass this time. The circumstances were well outside the norm and she had worked herself half to death in the days leading up to it. My first job, always, is to Take care of my Kitten. No matter what, Always.

Part of taking care of her is knowing and trusting my Kitten. I can not stress this enough to newer Dominants. TRUST that bond between you and your Submissive. Learn your Submissive inside and out. How they think or react, prepare for it. It will make you a better Dominant, and you Submissive will be more dedicated to you. I have learned the hardest ways, but I have learned.

So, back to Saturday. Kitten did as expected. Apologized and then got mad at herself for forgetting. Then, when I had explained why I was giving her an extension, she did something that makes EVERY DOMINANT PROUD, she asked to be punished, even still. She asked to be held accountable for forgetting. I made her say please and tell me why, and she did without hesitation.

I had already pondered punishment options. I knew that Kitten would ask, and I would not deny her. I know that she will have mental and emotional torment about forgetting her assignment if I did not give her a concrete way to make amends. Like I said, KNOW YOUR SUBMISSIVE.

I issued the punishment right away, and I knew she would complete it quickly. the punishment was 3 strikes with the ruler, self inflicted, in the same spot repeatedly on her upper left thigh. I knew as I said it, that with in 10 minutes is would be done. I think the photo of the mark from the first strike was sent in about 4 minutes. Kitten completed all 3 strikes, and we moved on, and I was damned proud of her.

Because of the quick punishment, because of my bond and trust in Kitten, we were able to have an AMAZING day because of the punishment. Had I not punished her, she would have dwelled and had a hard day, and I never want that for her or me. Instead, we had a lovely day, and I got my homework relatively early, and if I may brag a moment, it was absolutely awesome and perfect. It was everything a Dominant wants to read about himself through the eyes of his Submissive. She knows how to make her Sir feel amazing, and she did not waste a chance to do so.

Do you Punish your Submissive? Does your Dominant Punish you? What are some creative ways you have issued or had issued punishment? Do you share Kittens feelings? Let us know in the comment below, and please like, share and subscribe.


Kittens Sexy Punishment Marks

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