The Roles We Play

“No Kissing, that’s the only rule. Everything else is fair game”

Kitten in her “role”

“Just come and kidnap me already, please.” Kitten texted as we were talking back and forth. The distance and missing each other makes it hard, and though we do the long distance amazing, sometimes we both blurt out a “Fuck it, lets throw everything aside and just do it” in regards to closing the distance. 

I knew what she meant, but I couldn’t waste a chance to discuss the “Kidnap” role play. See, Kitten and I love our role plays and fantasies. It is such an important part of our life. While we absolutely have pure Bondage sessions, we also sprinkle in so many other fantasies. We love to talk about them and explore them with each other, and it absolutely is a major inspiration. 

My last visit, we had set up a role play where Kitten was a high priced call girl and I was a travelling businessman who was bored in his marriage and needed something …extra. “She” was recommended by a friend because she was more “adventurous” than other girls. It all stemmed from a fantasy I told Kitten about early in our relationship, and Kitten being the amazing and sexy woman that she is, made it happen. 

We texted “the deal” under our assumed names and personalities. Kitten even bought a Blond wig, and not like a costume wig, one that was glued and secured. She also bought an amazing and sexy red dress, new “hooker heels” and make up for me. She spent hours before I came over getting ready, and the whole time I was spun and picturing it. The amount of work, attention to detail and dedication to giving me a fantasy come true was more than just being submissive. It was a gift to me. A gift to us to experience together, and she knew she got me when I walked in. 

I am pretty good at keeping calm “under pressure” in life. But I am also the one who gets excited when it comes to Kitten. She excites me, plain and simple, and she always has. Just the thought of touching her, I get amped. Typing all of this right now, I can feel it inside me. I always feel the anticipation, and it was so much worse when I saw her all dressed up and ready.

She stayed in her role like a champ, she said it was easier because she wasn’t “Kitten” to be all business, and she KNEW she had me. She did. I wanted to kiss her, but part of the “rules” was no kissing during the role, and everything else was fair game, and it was. I had a drink and eventually settled into my role too, but I was shaking with anticipation. It was like I was torn between being blown away by how amazing she was, and trying to be a cool and comfortable “John”. 

The night was long and amazing. I “tested” the goods with my hands, and toys. I slowly unzipped her and ran my hands over her amazing body. Then the pressure built more and more. Seeing more of her body as I unzipped and lifted her skirt. As I pinched and pulled her nipples, fingered and spanked her and felt her mouth swallow me. Then finally, I was inside her sweet tight pussy for the rest of the night. Toys, slaps, spanks all of it. The urge to Kiss here was the hardest thing to fight. But, to have her be my “callgirl” and as long as I “paid” anything was possible. 

Of course, as the night wore on, the wig and the dress came off and she was my Kitten again. I finally got to kiss her, which I love, and we discussed the fun that we had, and I saw the look in her eyes like she knew she blew my mind. She had, without a doubt. I saw the look of pride and happiness on her face as talked about it still all over each other, she served her Sir and had given me a gift that I will remember forever. She is my perfect Kitten. 

We always discuss fun roles and games, I have no doubt that I will need her “services” again. But, this is what happens when a dominant and submissive are so loving and dedicated to each other, they make dreams come true. Kitten is my dream come true, without a doubt. The commitment to her Sir, her love for me and her adventurous spirit makes me think that I will have many many more stories of our kinky role playing. 

Do you have a fun role that you like to partake in with your submissive? Are you a Submissive who plays a role for your Sir? Maybe you have a role play suggestion Kitten and I haven’t thought about yet, we would love to hear it in the comments below!

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