Kitten Makes Me Proud

The first few days of Kitten and I discussing, and moving back into a D/s relationship was not perfect. I knew there would be apprehension and fear on her part, I knew I would have stress on my part. I also knew, that she is an amazing submissive, that once she said she would try, I would get her absolute best and I have been already.

Kitten has been on a health plan for a few months. She took some time off, as you do, and is now wanting to get back on it. Food planning, exercise and self care. I was happy for her before she took a break from it, and proud. This time, though, she asked Daddy to help her, keep her honest and keep her on track. I was so happy that she asked.

So, last night we went though the parameters and her schedule. I went through and made a spreadsheet to track her daily schedule and chore list. I will also be updating a punishment chart for missed goals, based on missed goals the punishment will go from easy to more intense based on the severity, should she miss a goal. We were both excited to start down this path and take it ok together.

Today, the new schedule didn’t start easy for her, and she missed a few early. She tried to change her body clock drastically to quick, and it just didn’t work out. But, she nailed the rest of the day. Chores, goals everything. She even started a journal on her own she shared with me.

As a Dom, it is awesome to be able to take care of your Little. I know there will be days where I will have to be hard, and there already was a small punishment issued. She took it so well, which it was the first real punishment I issued since she agreed to submit again.

It has been a good few days, and I know it will get better. I am so proud of my Little Kitten, and thankful she is giving me a little more everyday.

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