To Be There For Her

Today started off pretty good, actually. I didn’t sleep great, I actually had the nightmare I spoke of. Kitten didn’t sleep great either. But, the majority of the afternoon went well. We chatted here and there, when my phone wasn’t acting like a dick. But, overall it felt like a decent day. I tried to give Kitten her space, but share my day and talk to her about hers.

Then, she texted me that she had a problem come up that was kind of big. She even said, “I know we aren’t great right now….” and confided in me about the problem (no, I won’t share here). We talked, and I went into “Friend” mode, which honestly felt so natural, I wanted to help her through it in a way that benefited and supported her.

We discussed the problem, the pro’s and the con’s of how to deal with it. We discussed how the problem came about, and how to react to the problematic person that caused it. We just, talked. She told me why she was mad, and I tried to give her the best advice I could.

I hate, HATE, that she had an issue. I never want her to have to have a fight, or stress or struggle with something. But, I am glad I was there, and she turned to me with it. It actually meant more to me than I can express here. I am glad I could be her sounding board, give some options and help her in any way. She hasn’t made her choice on how to deal with the problem, but I felt like I did the best I could for her given the situation. I would do it again a million times.

Even when things are hard and life throws shit at you, it does feel good to be there for someone you love, when they need you. When things aren’t “right” between you two, and they still turn to you, It means so much more. It doesn’t fix us, nor should it, but I appreciate that she turned to me, and I love that I could be there for her. I tried to be the best friend for her I could be.

Life is hard. Life isn’t fair, but, when you can push everything aside that clouds your brain and be there for the one you love, it makes life a little easier. We can’t always get what we want for us, or those we love. But, to be able to give some support and advice and just an ear to those we love, it makes the day worth it.


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  1. ‘ to be able to give some support and advice and just an ear to those we love’ – dominance isn’t only about making decisions and telling someone what to do, the above is also a perfect description of what it looks like to be a dominant. It just struck me as something to point out, especially after our conversation about balance in a dynamic. 😉


    1. I appreciate that, very much. I also agree, and think this is where I had issue before. I think I felt like I HAD to make decisions before on everything. Not that she could not, but was looking for me too. I forgot to maybe just sit and listen and give advice, and then let Kitten decide. I forgot that sometimes, just listening all the way through was all that was needed. I remembered yesterday how much I enjoyed just being there for her.

      I forget with all the hats, it is is the same head underneath them. Thank you for pointing that out to me.

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