It’s The Little Things

It is funny how little things, or things that you had experienced on a daily basis, make a difference when you miss them. Yesterday, was I got a few of those “little things” in very different places, and all were appreciated.

First, I got a lot of research done for the blog, reading and writing tips (I know my grammar and proofreading are regularly suspect). I just want to clean some things up, and learn some newer features. I used to blog a lot years ago, and I want to continue. It has been a good stress relief, it also lets me feel closer to Kitten, especially in a time when I need to feel closer to Kitten, where I crave it. So, working on the blog as its own entity, gave my brain a little rest.

Next, Kitten and I had a good day of talk and texting. We just chatted, here and there. But it was nice to just talk. We didn’t discuss where we were in all of this, but we just talked. I said before, Kitten was my best friend and my better half before the move into D/s. We just talked before, all the time and about everything, and I missed that. I missed her as a person.

Kitten also took some time for self-care, yesterday. This made me super happy, I know how much she enjoys the process and benefits of self care. She found a new cleansing system for her face. She says it is for aging, but she has such a young and beautiful face it always makes me giggle when she mentions it. I also know she will say that she looks young because of her self-care and that is important to her. Either way, she always looks stunning. But I was happy to see her take some time for her and focusing on her. But she shared the process with me, and I even got Pictures of her, which REALLY made my day.

I got two pictures yesterday, one earlier in the day and one later. Both caught my breath, seeing her ALWAYS does. Both made me stop of a minute and just drink her in. She has these gorgeous and amazing green eyes, and her lips are the most sexy lips I have ever seen. The rest of her face is pretty goddamned beautiful too. So, it was nice to just see her and be able to appreciate her.

She also ate a great dinner last night, which made me happy. I knew she hadn’t been eating alot. I knew she had been nauseous the last few days. So, for her to enjoy a meal and really eat made me feel good for her.

I also wrote, to her, last night. I won’t share the story as this is only for her. But, I felt good and I wanted to write for her. Kitten always appreciate my stories for her and I loved writing them. Some would be heavily sexual, others would focus more on us as a couple. Some would be a combination. But, I missed that feeling of WANTING to write to her, and it had been some time since I had. Writing on here is very different than writing for her. It is so intimate to me, it is sharing my heart, versus my thoughts. So to have that feeling, was a boost. I hope she enjoys it when she reads it.

I did sleep like trash, I am hoping that starts to change eventually. I have never had problems sleeping, in recent years. I used to have some recurring nightmare issues years ago. They come and go with stress. Last night I had a few, some old ones, one new one. I am hoping that a few “easy” days will start to ease that. Time will tell.

I am thankful overall, I feel pretty good this morning. I know the day is young, but I am hopeful for a good day for Kitten and I. Both, as a couple and individuals. Here is to a Happy Sunday!


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