She Doesn’t Know

She doesn’t know how I see her, sure I can tell her over and over again. I can tell her I marvel at her and how she is the most amazing woman ever, but she doesn’t know how much I mean it.

I can tell her about her beauty, from her smile, to her amazing green eyes, her sexy body and the way she looks at me. I can tell her how I skip a breath, even still, when I see her, but she doesn’t know, she can’t feel my reaction like I do.

No, she doesn’t know how her voice can calm me, just her voice. How the calming and comforting sound of her voice can settle the beast inside, how she brings me right back to calm and how hearing her is like a hug.

She doesn’t feel my body explode when I touch her, how every synapse in my brain fires and how I tingle and the excitement is almost overwhelming. How I could fly, just because she is touching me.

She can’t know, after we made love or had a session, how I would stare at her as she laid there, asking how I got so lucky in life. What I did right to deserve this amazing woman, and how I could ever show her how grateful I am for her.

She has no idea, how I see her go through her day, even if it is through text, and marvel at her strength and perseverance. How she is always giving everyone around her, her absolute best. Some don’t deserve it, and some do. But she does it no matter what because she is a great person. No matter what, even when she tries to hide behind her tough girl persona, I see the real her.

She can’t always feel my heart when I say I want to spend forever with her, doing everything I can to share every moment with here. The amazing, the hard and everything in between. She thinks she knows, she tells me she does, but she can’t feel that spot in my heart that she owns and how it glows for her.

She can’t feel all my feelings, she can’t always see what I want for her. She can’t always understand my reasoning for things I do or have done. She can hear me say the words, she can see my do certain things. But she doesn’t feel it, she doesn’t feel how she is the most amazing woman on this planet, and I am lucky to be able to spend anytime with her, and I know it.

I can tell her, I can try and show her, but she doesn’t know. Luckily, I do, and I want to spend forever trying to show her.


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