I Dream of Kitten

When Kitten and I first met I dreamt about her and us a lot. Some were deeply sexual, some were not. But it was so common, that if I went a few days without a dream of her or us it was odd.

The dreams were less frequent over the past year. I certain had them, and I probably dreamt about her more than I had ever dreamt about anything. I used to have some pretty bad reoccurring dreams. Those bad dreams faded for the most part, unless I was stressed. The more stressed, the more nightmares. By and large, I credit Kitten with those dreams fading.

Now, I had 2 bad dreams over the last month. Both I wrote about before in the blog. But the last two nights, it has been different. Two nights ago, I dreamt that I ended up in a guest suite at the Superbowl. Kitten was there as someone else’s guest. She didn’t know me, like she had amnesia. I remembered everything, but somehow knew she didn’t know me.

I waited and started talking to her, trying to hide my excitement to see her. We talked more and more, and eventually went for a walk. Every moment I was hoping she would remember me. But, we talked about everything, and she was actually enjoying herself. So, I asked her to dinner.

Kitten met me at the restaurant and when she walked up, she gave me this look and kissed me, just a little bit and hen paused, and kissed me again, more intently. Then she grabbed my face and kissed me deep and hard. Like she suddenly remembered everything about us. The grabbing my face was what really sent it over the top, as when Kitten kisses me deeply, she regularly holds my face. That was when I woke up, and I felt amazing. My body and heart were so warm. It felt amazing.

Last night, there was another dream. Kitten and I were in the bathtub. It was like a giant oversized bath tub and/or jacuzzi. She just sat in my lap, and I had a face cloth. I washed her chest and arms and face softly, gently almost like a tease and we just kissed repeatedly. There wasn’t much more as far as detail, but that was all I needed. It felt good, however much a dream, to have her in my arms and care of her. It was peaceful, tranquil and loving.

Yeah, I dream of Kitten. I hope that they come more and more, as they make my morning worth waking up for. To remember them, smile and spend a little time with her, even if it is in my head.


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