“I Love You and Miss You Too”

It’s funny how you take some things for granted, even when you don’t think you should and KNOW you shouldn’t. Being told “I miss you” was I guess on that list of things.

Kitten always tells me she loves me. Up until last month, she regularly told me she missed me too. It is good to be missed by your loved one. Like being told your loved, being told you are missed always makes you feel special.

I knew she hadn’t said it, I knew why. Honestly, why would she have missed me of late, we talked a lot, but none of it was fun or romantic. It was about her taking off her collar and everything I screwed up. So, I am not being self loathing or self deprecating, but being honest with myself. Why would she have missed me as of late?

I know she probably had here and there. I know how she loves me. But, since last Thursday especially, she has had very little time at all. She walked over 11 miles on her trip yesterday, and still had fun. But that is some insight as too how busy she has been.

Last night, I told her I loved her and missed her. She told me “I love you and miss you too”, and that made my heart explode. I was giddy and excited, I didn’t realize just how much I missed her saying those words, but obviously “A LOT” is the answer.

I also woke up to a picture of her just waking up, which I love. She never agrees, but I think she is absolutely beautiful in the morning, and I always have. I also saw her again with a HUGE smile on her face in another picture, and I was just ecstatic to see it (There rest of her was hot as hell too).

You realize as you look at yourself deeply, that you really do just want to see the people you love be happy, even if it isn’t you being that source of happiness. You just want them to be happy, I am glad Kitten is having a fun week and she is happy. God knows she deserves it.

For me, it was a good few days. This was the icing on the proverbial cake.


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