Schism by Tool

Over the last few days, I have been listening to alot of music. Some that is happy, some that puts me into thought. Some to just flush the soul, and others to remind me of who I am. Tool has made the playlist many times.

If you don’t know Tool, or maybe you know of them, and just write them off as a Heavy Metal Band with strange song names and videos. At the forefront, Tool seems to be a “Alt/Rock/Mystical/Dark” Band. But if you listen to the lyrics, you will see that the lead sing, Maynard James Keenan has a deep and thoughtful heart and mind.

I have listened to Tool for years, and I have always enjoyed them. But, now I hear them different. Maybe it is age, or that I am so hyper-aware of my thoughts and feelings at the moment. Either way, I am rediscovering Tool.

The song Schism is very much relevant to me at the moment.The driving Lyric “I know the pieces fit” when he is discussing his relationship that was in trouble and how the lack of communication was a result. He also can see it being fixed because the “Pieces Fit”, speaking of he and his love. Yeah, I felt this one on many levels. I Highlighted a few lines that really made me look at myself and where Kitten and I am today.

Take a listen, read the lyrics. Ladies and Gentlemen, Tool

I know the pieces fit ’cause I watched them fall away
Mildewed and smoldering, fundamental differing
Pure intention juxtaposed will set two lover’s souls in motion
Disintegrating as it goes testing our communication

The light that fueled our fire then has burned a hole between us so
We cannot see to reach an end crippling our communication

I know the pieces fit ’cause I watched them tumble down
No fault, none to blame, it doesn’t mean I don’t desire
To point the finger, blame the other, watch the temple topple over
To bring the pieces back together, rediscover communication

The poetry that comes from the squaring off between
And the circling is worth it
Finding beauty in the dissonance

There was a time that the pieces fit, but I watched them fall away
Mildewed and smoldering, strangled by our coveting
I’ve done the math enough to know the dangers of our second guessing
Doomed to crumble unless we grow and strengthen our communication

Cold silence has A tendency to atrophy any sense of compassion

Between supposed lovers
Between supposed lovers

I know the pieces fit
I know the pieces fit
I know the pieces fit
I know the pieces fit
I know the pieces fit
I know the pieces fit
I know the pieces fit
I know the pieces fitSource: LyricFindSongwriters: Daniel Carey / Justin Gunner Chancellor / Adam Jones / Maynard James KeenanSchism lyrics © BMG Rights Management

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      1. My taste in music has always been very eclectic ! LoL Most people don’t understand why/how i can have such a range. It’s simple really, i’ve always been more about the lyrics than the genre.
        It is funny to see other’s reactions though! *giggle*


      2. Me as well. be everything but country and most rap music. Kitten got me listening to country more and more. Now.i listen to everything from Tool, Five Finger Death Punch downtown to old jazz. Lol.

        Liked by 1 person

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