It’s Good to See Her Smile

It had been a while, since I saw Kitten have a full real smile. I got some pictures tonight from her trip, and it was just nice to see her smiling. I know the last few weeks has been unbearable for many reasons, so to see it warmed my heart.

I guess it is the little things you notice when you are missing someone and thinking of them. Over the last few weeks, it had been so much, I don’t think she smiled much at all. I am glad she has found it, even if I didn’t put it there.

At this point, I am so thankful she is smiling that is all I care about. She deserves this break and this trip. She deserves to enjoy herself and relax. She deserves to feel her absolute best, even if I am not the reason, I want her to have all of that.

It was good to see her smile!


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