My Kitten
She calls me Sir

I will love her, care for her, protect her and dominate her with all that I am. She is mine, and I am her keeper.


Welcome to my blog page. I have developed this blog, at the suggestion and support of my submissive, to document my life as a dominant and our life together in a dominant relationship. My Kitten and I have been together for several years and this is the first Dominant relationship for either of us.

I plan on sharing what it is like to be a dominant day to day. The ups and yes, the downs. My success and failures, because even Sir can make mistakes. I will share experiences, Q&A, some of my writings, reviews for bedroom toys and whatever else creeps into my mind. This site is clearly NSFW and 18+. It will be graphic, it will be detailed and it will be raw.

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    1. Thank you so very much, my love and admiration for my little Kitten is immense. I am so proud of her, and she gives me what I need to be strong everyday. She is perfect in every way, even when she is bratty, lol.

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      1. Awwww… That is so cute… πŸ˜ƒπŸ’ž
        You and your Kitten do make a cute pair!
        Please post a picture of your Kitten someday. And what’s it’s (I don’t know if it’s he or she 😊) name?


  1. You’re so endearing about Kitten😊 but that’s how any relationship should be. Has BDSM helped you guys discover more about love and its limits since getting into it?

    My husband and I tried something akin to it back when the 50 Shades craze was happening; but didnt keep up. It’s so much to it.

    Are there levels?
    Will you discuss the different types?
    Will Kitten contribute a post as well?


    1. To answer your first question, 100% yes. We love and adore each other on a level I never thought possible. We are so entwined, so wrapped into each other that I can not tell you how close I feel to Kitten. I never though it was possible. My latest posts touches on that.

      Levels in regards to what? There is no “off button” but that is not to say Kitten walks around all day on her knees. We have a very “normal” part of our relationship.

      Kitten usually will tell me her thoughts on her post, I am trying to get her to write sometime for me πŸ™‚

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