The Strength Within

When the world forces you to close your heart, the strongest thing you can do is open it again. To find the path back, to drag yourself even on the days you want to kick and scream and then hide away from everything. 

You find strength and purpose again, you find the reasons. Some are obvious, some are not. Sometimes the reason  is as plain as the nose on your face, sometimes it is hidden down deep, in places you forgot existed with in you. But you find the reason, you find several. You find yourself. 

Fear of the unknown, adversarial moments, Self doubt, and sometimes being too sure of one thing or another, they all lead to decisions that aren’t made from clarity, but made in chaos. 

But too fight through it, to see your goal. To lift yourself up, even if you need to lean on someone here and there, that is the beginning trickle in the well of strength inside you. That is the first step to wiping the mud from your brow, and moving towards your goals. 

The hardest thing for a person to tell themselves, is that they are not worth it to others. That they aren’t worth it, to themselves. But you are. You are worth it. It may take a lot to come to that realization.  Sometimes the entire world has to burn down, so you can rise, like a Phoenix from the ashes. 

The “healing” won’t be all at once. No, you will find ways to bolster it and then sometimes you will slip back a little. But, you can fight that long fight. You can drag yourself back, and be who you deserve to be for yourself, and the people you love. 

Strength is not lifting weight, it is lifting yourself, and letting yourself be loved when you were just so sure you weren’t supposed to be. 

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