I Think I Saw Her

Angel sent me a picture today, a few actually. It is always great when I get to see Angel, and it doesn’t happen a whole lot lately. She knows I love seeing her, she knows how amazingly sexy I find her. She knows it makes my days.

But, inside the picture I thought I saw “her”. It was Angel, but my brain saw someone else. That someone I wanted to grab by the hair, push against the wall, kiss hard and make her moan loud. The her I used to be able to leave marks on. The her I used to make feel “little” and love her the way we used to.

I felt her, maybe. A brief second, fleeting. But I saw her and I felt her. I saw everything in my mind. It was different, but that feeling of dominance is more and more there inside of me. I keep it in check, for the sake of our friendship. But, I felt her.

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      1. We know that feeling well, when life takes over and we are left waiting …. *chuckle* it never stops, but then again, would I want it to?
        Not the same as your issue but i do understand. Anyway, be well! 🙂


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