Finding the Good

Today was a decent day. It started off rough, no sleep and some other emotional reminders of where Kitten and I are right now. It is surely hard, when I don’t hear from her for a few hours at a time it is pretty lonely. It isn’t like this when things are “normal”, but now every few hours seems a lot longer. But, I also know she has a laundry list of things she is dealing with outside of us, and I try and keep that in mind.

We did have a nice phone call in the afternoon. We talked and chatted and laughed a little. It was amazing to hear her voice, it always makes me feel better. It is funny how much phone calls are appreciated now. I guess when you are dying of thirst, you appreciate your drink more. I was nice to have more than a sip today, that’s for sure.

Kitten did mention the little story I wrote the other night. I love writing for her, but she essentially said it was a great idea and wrong topic, at least as things stand now. I can understand her point of view, I was just excited to share with her my heart a little. But, I will respect her and keep it at bay for now.

Today did seem a little more “normal” when we talked, not our usual, but more natural to me. Maybe I am being optimistic, maybe not. Tomorrow is another day, I am hoping to finally get a full night sleep. That hasn’t happened in about 10 days, so maybe tonight will be the night.


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