“How Hard You Can Get Hit”

Life has an incredible was to know when to throw a punch at you, doesn’t it. You are dragging yourself back to your feet, or maybe steadying yourself and it comes in like an uppercut. That has been the last few weeks it seems. The last 24 hours, I caught another one in the chin. The house I rent is going up for sale, and I get an amazing deal on it and don’t know how I can afford to go elsewhere. It was out of the blue, and screws up my plan that I had in place.

I am not gonna go down through. I am going to fight back as hard as I can and do what I need to for myself. Kitten was really helpful right away when I told her what had happened. But, this is my fight, yet again.

I was laying in bed last night, and just trying to plan and go through all my options. For whatever reason, this scene from Rocky popped in my head, but it seems fitting:

You have got to take the hits, get back up and keep fighting on. This too shall pass, and I will come out on the other side better off. Maybe it will force me to put plans in motion faster than I had scheduled, we will see. I need to gather a lot of information over the next few days and figure out what is reasonable for my, smart of me and effective.


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