It’s Not What You Say….

It’s how you say it, as the old phrase goes. Sometimes inflection and emotion are more than the words themselves. Sometimes, it is just that little “something” in the way you speak that makes a difference.

Angel and I talked on the phone alot today. More than we have, in months. It was nice and unsuspected. But, it was her voice and inflection was what made the difference. She was light, happy, silly and just herself. I haven’t heard her sound this was in a long time. It made my heart warm.

She was just getting stuff done too, I mean she was doing things for others, and that always makes her happy. But it was definetly more “her”, and I can not even tell you how much that means to me.

No, it isn’t like anthing is changing with us, and I am not even talking about that. It is about her. Hearing her light, happy and silly. Hearing her being, well, the Angel I had always known. It isn’t like this is a preminition, but it is the first time I had heard and seen it in a long time.

I have said before, I know I am not the smile on her face anymore, but I want her to smile. I want her to enjoy. I want her to be, herself. I saw a glimpse of that today, and it made me beyond happy.

I used to be convinced that I had to expirience things with Angel to enjoy it. Today, I was reminded that I didn’t need to be right there, I just needed to share it in any way I could with her. That happiness was time spent, not the type of time. I can’t even imagine how many of those moments I lost focusing on the future.

It isn’t what you give, sometimes, it is the expirence you share. I expireinced a good day for Angel, a happy day. I was lucky to share any part of it, and I am sure glad I did, because seeing her happy made my entire day. Thats love, right? wanting nothing but the best for those you love, no matter what that is.


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