My Heart Hurts

I always know when Angel and I go through a disagreement or I make a mistake, she pulls back that much further. This weekend must have cost me phone calls.

I was still getting a phone call most days. Just to say hi and hear each others voice. She know, like with pictures, hearing her voice makes my day. Now, It has been numerous times that she could have called and she didn’t, but she does tell me that she was out and about, and chose not too call. She may not say she is “choosing” too, but it is obvious she doesn’t want too. She knows I would love to hear it, but she doesn’t want too.

So, it hurts my heart knowing that I have caused her to push further. This is what she does, anytime there is a discussion or she feels like I am pushing or not repsecting boundaries, no matter what the caue or reason, she cuts more off. I guess I am lucky for the occasional text.


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