I Miss Her Lips

I know, I am a “dom”. I know that a lot of this blog has been getting my “Kitten” back, and having my submissive. But, I miss her kiss. I miss her lips against mine. I miss how she tastes. I miss those purest of moments, where we are kissing and the world stop.

I wasn’t supposed to think about it the last time we saw each other. It was supposed to be just physical. I was scared, until our lips touched. Just like a dream, the world stopped again. I felt her beautiful lips touch mine, and everything was ok again. I hadn’t felt “OK” in months up until then. It makes me wonder if she is worried I am chasing the wrong girl.

Does she worry I chase the submissive in her? Does she worry that the submissive is all I see? She is wrong, if that is what she is worried about. I see the beautiful, strong, brilliant woman that she is, and I ache for her. I always have, because, as much of a strong Dom as I can be, I am a mushy boyfriend too. They do co-exist.

Last night, New Years Eve, we were not together. But we shared our whole night via text. It was the greatest night I have had in almost a year. She was asking my to pick drinks, and sharing her evening with me. At the end of the night, one of the hardest nights of the year for me, all I could think about was holding her and kissing her. To make her forget everything that was hard, and feel like the woman she deserves to feel like. The most beautiful and sought after woman on the planet, because she is.

I know I am supposed to not say this. I am supposed to not feel this way. But, I do. Would I give up “Kitten” to have my “baby”. Yes. Yes I would. She is the woman who makes Kitten. She is the woman I have loved for 4 years.

I am not writing this as a Dom, I am writing this as a love sick man who would do and endure anything for the one woman who deserves it, my baby. I don’t know if she will read it. I am sure her defense will come up when she does. I don’t care. I know that on the other side, it will be better. I still love her, like I always have. I still want to care and protect her. I still want her in my arms, not matter the trials it takes to get there. She is worth it, and I deserve her.


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