Worth Having

True words

I was watching Scrubs today. I always enjoyed it, it made me laugh alot. This quote got me a little in a good way. Especially if you watch the exchange after Here.

Nothing worth having is easy. I think most can agree. We often look for the simple answer, especially when we are trying to get through a problem or a phase of life. We try all these different things, but the “work” is still staring us in the face.

The “work” can be alot of things, and different for everyone. For me the “work” was fixing myself and getting my head and confidence back to where I once was. But for you, it could he different. You can’t he afraid to work, if it is what you really want. Especially for your self, or in a relationship.

Mistakes can happen, as long as the work gets put in. I was so focused before on not making mistakes in life and with Angel, I forgot to but the “work” in and just kept dodging mistakes. I think different now. Face things head on. Put the work in, and hope it all works out the way I want.


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