Fearing The Unknown

I think we all fear the unknown. Which is why we have a tendency to try to control everything around us that we can. We know that when that unknown finally shows up it can be amazing or absolutely tragic or sometimes change absolutely nothing.

We keep fearing the unknown, because it is a risk. And with every risk means that there could be fallout and we don’t want that pain. Maybe, That plan that we had may not come through. Maybe, That hope we held on too, may fade.

We don’t know what will happen so it becomes a fear and it becomes anxiety and stress. So we start trying to control everything that we can around us to limit the unknown and push away the things we can’t control.

I once read that anger turned inwards equals depression. I also feel anxiety turned inwards turns into that anger.

Add the feelijg that you’re so dependent upon by others, that any mistake that you make will be a disaster, that everything inside that unknown could fall apart quickly, you scramble for maximum control over everything around you in order to bring some sort of sanity into a chaotic situation.

I lived that for over a year trying to control every little thing that I actually had control over because the unknown and the uncontrollable was so scary that if it didn’t come true I didn’t know what I would do.

I Have since adopted a different logic. Yes the unknown is absolutely frightening. And yes it gets me too.. Yes the uncontrollable can be chaotic. But if you surround yourself with people or a person that you know is not the unknown then you can find peace that 1 person. And that 1 person can and will be enough to make all of the unknown all of the scary all of the difficult seem a lot less frightening.

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  1. That may be true, but also a lot for that one person to carry as a burden, no?!? Personally I have adopted the idea that we really, truly never control anything …. accepting that has made everything else – negligible. 🙂


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