Breaking Bad Habits

It Takes 21 days to make a good habit. 21 days to break a bad habit. I have been on this path if bettering myself. I have been over 21 days, I don’t really have the exact day, but it is over 21. I have felt the change in many ways, and now I am adding to this list of things to improve on.

It isn’t easy, there has been a lot of missteps. But, I can also see the improvement and see where I have got better and better. I actually felt it in action a few days ago, where I was missing a certain thing about Kitten and got a little sad. I then turned it around, wrote, changed my mindset and was able to move past it.

It isn’t easy to change, especially the bad habits. The bad habits are often the easiest habits to hold on to and fall into again. But, when you feel the changes you make starting to take hold, when you get back what you lost in yourself, and in your everyday happiness, you see the result.

I am not a “motivational” guy, nor am I a cheerleader type of person. But, I can tell you that this is very much real, deciding to be better than who you have been, and moving towards that goal.

21 Days, pick one thing and start today!


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