Have You Ever?

Have you ever met “the one”. The one who you know makes life worth living. The one who’s very presence takes your breath away? Have you ever stopped short and thought “What did I every do right to deserve this?”, The one who submits and you get to love her the way she deserves?

This is Kitten, to me she is everything that is good in this world. When I first met her, I was barely holding on at life. I had resigned to the fact that life was miserable and mundane. That I was just going to live getting through the day, versus living every day. The way she loved me, made me want to make her mine forever. I knew that for once, I was getting the love I deserved. I wanted more than anything to show her that same love.

The last year, I sucked. I have highlighted that a few times, and I will never shy away from it. I wasn’t there, I didn’t love her the way I know she deserves. I abandoned her heart, I abandoned my promise that I used to say all the time:

“Who Loves you?” I’d ask

“You do” she would respond

“Who is always going to take care of you?” I would ask,

“You are” Kitten would respond.

I always meant it every time, even when I was not doing what I should have, I meant those words.

“Forever and always, babygirl” I would say, reminding her. A promise I know I broke.

Now, I know more than ever what I have lost. But, I am still determined to get all of her to trust me again and be my Kitten once more. I will show her, that I deserve to be called “Sir” and she deserves to wear my collar. I will love and dominate her the way she craved and deserved, from the moment I look at her and reach for her throat, until the after care where I will listen and tend to her every need first, before mine. I will never let it go again. I won’t be perfect, but I will always be putting her heart and needs first, Like a good Sir should be. I will show her why no one can ever love her like I do.

I will love her tenderly, I will make her laugh, I will make her heart flutter and make know how loved and adored she is, how INSANELY fucking sexy she is. I will remind her, always. I will show her that I am not selfish, I am not ever going to take her love, commitment and mind for granted. I will show her, why she is the most amazing, sexy and incredible Kitten to have walked this earth.

“Forever and Always, Babygirl”


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