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  1. Learning your partner’s communication style, and then striving to remember it in the day to day – Many a relationship would be saved if we put half as much attention to that as we do cell phones. (For the record, I don’t have a cell phone, nor do I ever want one.) *wink*

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      1. Yeah, everyone keeps telling me I can’t do it without one, but yet ….. they also tell me I can’t do it without social media, but here I am. This is the only account I have, however, I did open a facebook acct in Dec. for work advertisement. It has nothing but work ads (3) and that’s all.
        I don’t prioritize work after 5:30 or on the weekends – still people tell me I can’t. LoL
        I have plenty of savings and no real stress outside of my boys. I don’t have 12 thousand ‘friends’ that’s true, but all in all, I’m happy. Not sure how many can say the same.
        The reasons are numerous no doubt, but the choice is always ours.
        Night night! 😉

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      2. Yeah. I can understand that. But I also have the people closest to me living far so this is my lifeline for that. I dont have alot close to me, but the few I do are important enough to be right there.


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